How To Date Japanese Girls (Part One)

There is a lot of information (and a lot of misinformation) about how to date Japanese girls on the internet, and although there is no sure and guaranteed way to get any particular girl, there are a few common things that seem to almost always be true, concerning Japanese women. After talking to dozens of Japanese women myself, and after eight years living (and dating) in Japan, I’m here to give you a few tips that I personally think will help you date Japanese girls like a pro.

Have a Lot of Money

Unfortunately, most Japanese women are concerned not about who you are, but what you do, and how much money you make. It’s such a common thing in Japan that women, when talking amongst themselves about which guy they like, will often completely reject a potential boyfriend outright if he works for the wrong company. That’s right, even if you do make a substantial amount of money, you can be rejected immediately if you make that money at a company that isn’t considered popular or posh. So, if you want to land that long-term relationship with that beautiful Japanese girl, you better make sure that you work for a company whose reputation is excellent, and you better make sure they pay you a hell of a lot of money. If the girl asks you what you do and you respond that you are an English teacher, or an artist, or some other thing that isn’t a major corporation with a massive wage, expect to be rejected. This is not only because Japanese women expect to be spoiled, but also because they carefully think about their future, and how to support any potential kids they might have – and they are deadly serious about it. Unfortunately, you can’t work at McDonald’s and get the average Japanese girl. You just can’t.

Have the Right Education

Much like having the right job, to a Japanese girl, the school you went to is everything. It’s not enough to be highly educated; you need to be educated at the right school. This is such a common occurrence that “princess schools” have developed in Japan – schools that have a reputation for producing beautiful wives. These schools are designed to be the counterpart for schools like the University of Tokyo, which has a reputation for producing good, honest, money-producing ATMs … I mean … “husbands”. So if you went to a fancy school like Yale, Harvard, or Stanford, be sure to name drop that university immediately, because it will definitely give you an edge. Despite the fact that those universities don’t really educate people any better than more affordable and less-known universities, you are going to need one of those popular names to score a “princess”, and it’s not just the rich girls, either. “Common” girls on the street, when interviewed, almost unanimously say that a well-known and reputable school is an important factor in their choice of boyfriend.

Be Japanese

You have to remember that until recently, Japan was closed to the world. In many ways, that mindset still exists. Many Japanese girls have the opinion that all foreigners are only visitors, and that their intentions for everything, including dating, are only temporary. Even girls that do accept “gaijin” (外人) will soon be expecting those boyfriends to behave exactly as Japanese people behave, which, of course, is impossible. Still, do your best to speak Japanese and follow Japanese social norms. Of course, there might be a girl who likes you purely because you are foreigner. This happens a lot. In fact, the majority of Japanese girls are of one of two types: those who would never date a foreigner, and those that are “gaijin” hunters – obsessed with foreigners. Finding a more balanced and moderate girl is difficult, so to play it safe, at first, be a little bit “Japanese”. Once you get that first date, you can assess how open minded the woman sitting across from you appears, and whether her acceptance of your culture is an obsession, or a legitimate interest.

This is only half of the article. I have a few more tips for you in Part Two, so be sure to check it out.

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